Monday, February 17, 2014

The start of another transfer

Holy Moses....... I really don't know where the time goes... can you believe that another transfer has just come and gone? I feel like it was just a week ago that I was writing you all and telling you that I was going to be training. Seriously I don't know what happened there.... I am having a mini mid mission crisis right now hahahha. Just kidding.
Well this week again was pretty normal... Well for the most part anyway I mean we still are talking about crazy ol me here in crazy Nicaragua. :)
Tuesday we had a zone activity that I helped plan where everyone in the zone was going to switch companions for 24 hours. We put goals for every new companionship and those that completed their goals got a little surprise (I will explain more of the surprise here a little later) anyway so then we all went out and it was actually really good for the zone. Almost everyone completed their goals and it helped out a bunch of areas. I was with Hermana Gonzales and she is new just like my daughter. And for some silly reason the Zone Leaders gave us the highest goals... So we worked really hard and got to complete all of them. I think that is one of the things that I am learning most from the mission. The importance of having goals. You just always feel so good when you complete them :) man I am so weird now.... hahahha
Anyway Wendesday I came back to our area and we worked like normal, the only bad thing about divisiones is that they make me pretty tired so it is hard to come back to my area and work hard like normal. But I am slowly learning to adapt to it. I feel pretty tired the good majority of the time haha but I love it because when I come home I want to do nothing more than sleep so that we can start the next day and work again! :)
Thursday we had a trainers meeting in Chinandega and I was about 7 blocks away from my converts and it was really really hard for me to not just go running to their houses. I did however see some of the members from my old area and it was crazy how happy I was to see them I have grown to love the people here in Nicaragua so much! But anyway we were there with President Collado and I always learn so much when we have meetings with him. Anyway then he told us that we were going to go work in Chinandega and I was really excited because I thought maybe I would have a chance to go back to my old area but they sent me to Chichigalpa. So we worked there and then at 8:30 we had to be back at the chapel, then we got in a little microbus and they sent us back to Nagarote... I would have just slept but the problem was that I had to go to the bathroom really bad.... and we didnt get home until 12:00!!! That is the latest I have stayed awake in the passed 6 and a half months. I was so tired hahaha.
Friday we went to go teach our families that were supposed to get baptized this weekend. The problem is that they feel like they need to know everything perfectly before they do it. Which yes I do understand but it is a little frustrating. So needless to say we didn't have the baptisms we were hoping for this week. But here we are still just working along.
On Saturday we were cleaning the church... well cleaning Nicaraguan style... hahaha it was likea car wash.. but for the church. Haha we hosed everything down and then scrubbed it all with brooms hahaha as we were jamming out to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir a Jehovas Witness came to try to have a Bible bash with us. It was us four missionaries and the Branch President... HAhaha I was just thinking in my mind... what are you doing here? Do you know who we are? So with much respect we kindly told him that we didn't want anything to do with him and he left after telling us that the Holy Ghost doesn't exist. Hahaha.
So to finish my story from Tuesday, the surprise was that those who completed their goals got to throw tomatoes at their favorite leader.... so today we went to Leon... and people threw tomatoes at me hahaha. I got tomato every where!!!!! It was really really gross haha I wish I had picutres but I accidentally left my camera in Chichigalpa... oops haha. Anyway I hope you all know that even though I like to mess around and joke still I really am learning so much here in the mission. I am so grateful for the trust that my Heavenly Father has placed in me to teach the people of Nicaragua and I know I will be forever grateful for these days. :)
I love you all so much!!!
Love your Favorite Nicaraguan,
Hermana Willie

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