Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Week in Nicaragua Feb 10th

Another Week in Nicaragua

Man oh man I liked putting that title for the email. I am loving life here in Nicaragua as usual :) the sun is getting hotter and I am sweating more but I love it more and more and more every single day. This week went by really fast and I am not even sure where to begin or what day happened what... Or if my English is going to be good or bad today... SO I am just going to start writing and we will see what happens. Hahaha
Tuesday I had my monthly meeting with all the leaders of the mission. I got to see my friend from Puerto Cabezas and we stayed up pretty late sharing stories because Puerto is so awesome and I want to go really bad. I really enjoy the meetings with the Leaders because they are always super spiritual.. They also asked me to do a random musical number... hahah one of the things you learn on the mission is to just say yes to what the APs and President ask you to do. So that was exciting! After the meeting with the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders (thats me) we had a meeting with just the TLs so that we could talk more about our responsibilites. I always feel a little stressed after these meetings because I just want to give the best I can but it is a bit exhausting. Anyway I am still feeling good and just giving it all I can. Anyway I am going to explain about the people we are teaching right now.. well the ones that are most positive anyway. 
Jose Larios: (he is the old guy in the picture) He is an old guy that we found one day that told us that about 3 years ago he was at the point of baptism but the day of his baptism he left running because he is scared of water ha ha. So we started to teach him to see if maybe now he is a little more prepared and he should be getting baptized on Saturday. Every time we go there we sit us down and he says "teach me something new today!" So we teach him something new :) 
Osmar and Carol they are a really great family that I really love. Carol is a little bit hard because she grew up in a different church and all of her life has been there. So her heart is a little hard but she has been listening to us and came to church and really liked it. Her husband Osmar has such a desire to learn everything so we always have really great lessons. I know they will be baptized we are just waiting for Carol to soften her heart a little bit.
Carlos is a man of about 27 years he lives here but all of his family is from US so he likes to speak English with me but I have found it almost impossible for me to teach lessons in English so I don't. Hahaha really it is funny to see me teach in English because it just doesn't work.
Ernesto and Vicenta are another family that really love learning. They have recieved all the lessons and our hope is that they will be baptized this weekend. 
Hernaldo...... He is our little miracle man... in December he came to church all by himself and told us that he wants to learn more. The problem was that he was in Managua for the whole week working and we could never teach him. So we were not sure what to do. Well last Sunday he told us that this week he wouldn't be working so we went and taught him everyday this week and on Sunday morning he was baptized :) I know that he is really going to help out this branch and I am excited to see his progress! 
We went with the family Velasquis again this week and I really love being with them I really feel like I am back home with all my family when we visit them because they have a lot of people in their family that remind me of our family. I will ask my companion to send me the pictures we took with them. Don't worry she said yes :) 
Today we went to the beach and it was so awesome.... although you better believe it was very hard for me to not go swimming.... VERY DIFFICULT!!!!!!!!! But it was a good time :) I am feeling a little sunburned if you can believe it. We took a little 15 minute nap under a shack made from palm trees and it was another one of those... "Man Nicaragua is definitely the mission for me" kind of moments :)
Anyway I hope you all have a great week and I will write again next Monday!!! I LOVE YOU HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!
Alyssa you aren't allowed to kiss anyone this Valentines day... sorry.
Love Hermana Willardson! 

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